Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I’m Macy!

I’m a freshman at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, but I grew up(and still permanently live) in Lexington, North Carolina (and I miss North Carolina sweet tea each and every day).  I enjoy planners, any and all office supplies, playing my flute, and spending quality time with friends, family, and, most importantly, my cat.  I live my life by the motto: when life gives you lemons, make sweet tea and put them in your sweet tea.

This blog will feature different posts about a multitude of things, but any that relate to college will be under the “college life” tab above.  The “FSEM” tab will take you to a website/blog I had to build for my first year seminar, History of Genocides, here at UMW.  Some of the stuff is a little gruesome, but if you’re into human rights or history, you’d enjoy it!

P.S. the picture above is from my high school graduation, and yes, I know I’m wearing a lot of honors cords.


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