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A Day in My Life at the University of Mary Washington

Thinking about your future and college can be stressful, and today, I want to help some of y’all by describing my typical day at UMW.  I’m going to describe Monday, my easiest day of the week, and Thursday, the longest day of my week.  Also, keep in mind I’m a Political Science major, with a Chemistry minor, and I’m on a pre-med track, so you won’t necessarily be as busy as I am.



7:30am- Wake up, shower, and get ready for my day

  • After I wake up, I typically shower, eat a small breakfast, do a devotional, and finish getting ready for my day.

8:40am- Head out to start my day

9:00-9:50am-  Chemistry 112 (General Chemistry II)

  • This is an honors course at my school, so it’s a little more intensive, but a lot of my friends are in the class, plus it is a pre-med requirement.

10am- I pick up the a scanner that can charge the student accounts on our student ID’s for a weekly fundraiser my club hosts, and then I head to the Political Science building toget some homework done before my next class.

11-11:50am- PSci102A- Introduction to Political Science

  • This is also an honors course at my school, and is a flipped classroom, in which we do readings for homework and class activities and discussions during class time.  This class is also required my major.

12pm- LUNCH

  • Probably the best part of my day, I have a standing lunch with my good friend every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

1-1:50pm-Span202A- Intermediate Spanish

  • This class is the last in the sequence of foreign language classes I have to take for graduation, so I’m not gonna lie, it can be pretty hard.

2pm- I have a couple hours without classes on Monday, so usually I try to do laundry, take out my trash, and do some homework before my evening class.

5-6:15pm- Stat180- Introduction to Statistics

  • This course is one I would consider an ‘easy’ course, and my professor is super nice!

6:15pm- DINNER

7pm- After grabbing dinner, I usually return to my room do some homework, watch some TV, and relax for the evening.

11-11:30pm- Bedtime





8am-Wake up, shower, and get ready for my day

9am- Breakfast in the dining hall

  • Because my first class isn’t until 11am on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I go to my school’s dining hall for breakfast, rather than eating in my room.

9:30am- Homework in the Honors Lounge

  • The honors program at my school has a lounge in the building next to the science building, where all my Thursday classes are, so I spend my morning there doing homework until it’s time for class.

11am-1:45pm-Biol126- Phage Hunters II

  • The lecture portion of this class is equivalent General Biology II, but the lab is guided research with a phage(virus) we harvested earlier in the school year.  Usually labs are not attached to the lecture, but this class is different.  It happens twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, from 11am-1:45pm.  During that time, we have lecture and lab periods.

2pm-4:45pm-Chemm112 Lab- General Chem II Lab

  • This is the honors lab to match my honors chem lecture.  Lab projects are three weeks long, and we design our own experiments to solve the problem assigned to us.

5pm-6:30pm- Table Talk at the Campus Christian Community

  • Every Thursday, I go to the Campus Christian Community(CCC) for a fredd dinner with my friends and community members at the CCC. After dinner, we have some form of worship, and its nice to spend time with people of like faith after a long day of labs.

7pm-9:30pm- Band Rehearsal

  • I end every Thursday with a grueling almost three hour band rehearsal,  I play flute and piccolo in my school’s concert band.

9:45pm- Relax and Watch TV, Talk to My Parents

  • By Thursday, I’ve usually completed the week’s homework, and I take Thursday night to relax and rejuvenate after a long day.




I hope this was super helpful to you, or if your already a college student, maybe it helped you in thinking about time management or the way in which to plan your day!


Thanks for reading another blog post!



P.S. The picture for this post is of me and some friends from the CCC; Saturday hangouts have become a regular occurrence this semester.

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