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Update: Week 1 of College

On August 23rd, I made the big leap and moved roughly six hours away from my family to a completely new state and area.  I traded in my fairy spacious bedroom, full size bed, and my own bathroom for a shared and cramped dorm room, a twin xl bed, and a shared suite style bathroom.  The first few nights were a struggle as I longed to sleep in my bed, to cuddle with my cat, and to hug my parents just one more time, but after a full week of classes, my morale has shifted.  I enjoy the freedom college offers– unlike high school, my brain is not being bombarded with information for a third of my day, and no professor prohibits me going to the bathroom when I have to go.  I still miss my parents and brother, but I make a point to call them after my late night classes to tell them good night, and while a picture will never replace cuddles with my cat, her picture sits on my desk tall and proud.  Personally, making friends has been the hardest part of college.  I consider my roommate and suitemates my closest friends at this point– even if they may have been forced friendships.  We enjoy High School Musical marathons and almost nightly games of ping-pong, and so far, they’ve put up with my off-key singing and rants. I have several nice acquaintances o outside of dorm, but as someone who prefers the quiet of my room or my favorite study space, I assume friendships will just take longer for me to build.  Taking the leap to move to an small school as an out-of-state student was really scary, but so far, I’m glad I did, and I don’t think I’ll every really regret the decision.

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