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A Thank You to My Band Directors

Dear Past Band Directors,


Thank you for sacrificing so many hours away from your family to fuel my hobby and empower to me become the musician I am today.  You didn’t have to spend extra hours after school, weekends, and part of your Summer vacation teaching, but you did, and all my friends and I are better for it.  Those hours away from your family set us up for success in and outside of the band room.


Thank you for choosing to be a musician and a teacher– two notoriously underpaid professions.  You could have done anything else with your life, but you chose to teach music at a time when the arts are underfunded and being cut from school budgets and schools every year.  You took the chance. You made the sacrifice, and because of you there is a whole new generation of musicians.


Thank you for acting on your love for music to inspire others.  My life is better for it. You built a community from your love, and in that community, I met my best friends and mentors; I saw people reach for and achieve their dreams– all because you loved music and wanted to share that passion with and inspire others.


And finally, thank you to the long line of band directors that inspired every musician and/or band director.  Our world and music community and better because of you, because music teaches tolerance and acceptance and civil expression.  You’ve inspired decades of band directors, musicians, and patrons of the arts, and you deserve the credit and recognition. You deserve so much more than what we, as past students, or the world could ever give


I’m eternally grateful to you and my time in the band room.


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